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In fact, we ourselves would be born during the Ophiuchus zodiac cycle our birthday is December 2.

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However, since there is no Ophiuchus star sign in the Tropical zodiac, we remain proud Sagittarians4Life. According to astronomy, there are actually 88 constellations that cover the southern and northern hemispheres of our sky.

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We are all made of stars, so we can channel the mythology of any of the constellations and planets we want. In fact, Refinery29 even asked us to give some beauty tips based on the spirit of Ophiuchus. Tropical, Sidereal and Constellational Zodiacs.

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The constellations have shifted. The zodiac sign dates have not. Western astrology is based on the seasons, NOT the constellations. Bottom line: The signs and the constellations are two entirely different things.

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The zodiac signs are named after the constellations, but not tied to them. Bottom line: The zodiac signs and the constellations are two entirely different things.

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But unlike some of the other signs one thing that they wont do is allow themself to make the same dumb mistake over and over again. They are often thought leaders who push the boundaries of what is possible choosing to do things their own way rather than conventionally.

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Aquarius hates to see their friends down or sad and they are always there for them when they need somebody to talk and vent with. The Aquarius is forever a student in the school of life and they have a natural gift for understanding new ideas and concepts… FAST.

The rumors are true. Make no mistake about it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aquarius can be wickedly sarcastic. Aquarius is incredibly independent and often prefers to rely on themself. Aquarius looks for the best in people and they are willing to give someone a second chance.