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Spring Heel Jack - There Are Strings (full album)

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Publication: The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

Download your free audiobook that you get to keep forever by using our code when you sign up for a 30 day free trial with audible. Spring Heeled Jack - The Victorian Slenderman Spring Heeled Jack - The Victorian Slenderman Even before the internet, people created strange unimaginable beasts and the Victorians managed to dedicate whole newspapers to the monsters supposedly living across the UK in the form of Penny Dreadful periodicals. All stories in this episode were written and researched by Nikki Druce.

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Tuesday, September 14, In a distinctive turn from "real history", Burton accepts a commission to become a "special agent" of the king - among other changes Queen Victoria was assassinated in - while his young friend Algernon Swinburne later emerges as a sort of sidekick; many notables like Darwin, Brunel and a very young Oscar Wilde have cameos.

There is an Appendix that details the "real history" fates of the main personages encountered in the novel.

The beginning of a projected series featuring Burton and Swinburne , "The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack" is a standalone which completes its main arc , while leaving hints about further happenings and direction. A mixture of steampunk, alt-history, detective investigation, all put in a sf-nal context in the end, "The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack" mixes genres with panache, but its basic flavor is of "steampunk Victoriana". There is still the grime and poverty so well described in many period novels, but there are new inventions, both mechanical and biological ones , coming mostly from the "new science" of Darwin and the "new engineering" of Brunel.

There are genetically engineered dogs that carry the mail in return for food, parrots that deliver messages, flying contraptions, "golems" Politically, the main difference is the death of young Victoria decades ago and the contested succession of her husband, while now the main ideological differences are between the Technologists that relish and even want to accelerate the introduction of new inventions and the Libertines that fear those are destroying the "soul" of the country and want to slow or stop them, or at least counter them through art.

Eminent Victorians: Spring-heeled Jack

Of course things are not so simple since there is a group of influential people - Rakes - who evolved away from the Libertine ideology and want to emulate the bio-technological revolution in "morality" and cast all restraints away. They are partly influenced by the legend of Spring Heeled Jack , the strange character that reoccurs at intervals to assault - though generally only to frighten - young girls. Not long returned from an African expedition and ready to debate in a public forum his co-adventurer and former friend, Captain John Speke, Captain Burton is stunned to hear of Speke's suicide attempt.

Later when the gravely wounded Speke is kidnapped by mysterious parties, Burton is thrust into the thick of the events and decides to accept a commission from the Prime Minister to investigate a series of strange occurrences that seem related with his colleague's disappearance.

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  • There is the occasional descent into farcical grotesque, but a fast pace and an intriguing hero in Sir Richard keeps the book interesting. However for a long while, the interspersing of the steampunk elements with the more traditional Victoriana felt a bit forced as if the author did not quite make his mind which one dominates, while not seamlessly integrating them either.

    Then about two thirds in, the author takes a gamble - which is foreshadowed early so it did not come as a surprise in itself for me, but its extreme importance in the structure of the book was unexpected - and starts explaining things by turning the novel into a sf one. That worked very well since it balanced the two modes; there was still some slapstick farce here and there that annoyed me a little - villain sword fighting the hero and both declaiming stuff in an operatic fashion - but the last third raises the level one notch.

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