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The Hell dimension is playing havoc with Illyria's powers, and she is time-skipping as she did in "Time Bomb". Connor arrives revealing that he and Spike have been working as partners; Spike's "Hugh Hefner" lifestyle is part of his act. Angel confronts the Lords of Los Angeles, and challenges them to a battle for all of Los Angeles in two days. On the final page, Angel's inner monologue reveals his wounds are mortal, and he is no longer a vampire. Two demons arrive and beckon Angel to follow them, while outside, Gunn prepares for an attack on the building. Angel and Wes are taken to the town of Silver Lake, which is ruled by their old ally Lorne, who notifies them of his neutral stance concerning the upcoming battle.

Wesley's ghost fades away as Angel prepares for the battle ahead. Angel's allies consider their options with Spike being the most vocal about his desire to depart. The battle begins with Angel and all his friends at his side, thanks to Lorne's last minute rousing. Spike asks Angel for help concerning Illyria, as Wesley is returned from Hell and joins his companions.

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Spike reveals he never would have come to aid Angel had he known Wesley would be there. Illyria turns her attention to the scene, notices Wesley's arrival, and reverts back to Fred. Written by: Brian Lynch and Joss Whedon. Bookended by images of Betta George in captivity, the 'First Night' stories of Spike, Connor, and Lorne are presented in three sections. In the first section, Spike switches from self-congratulation and thoughts of retirement into defending innocents — including Illyria, who initially appears as Fred.

The second segment displays Connor's internal conflict as he considers rejoining the fight, and is then inevitably drawn into it. The third section is presented in a cartoonish rhyming style, showing Lorne's path from Lindsey's murder to becoming lord of Silver Lake. The second 'First Night' issue initially focuses on Wesley's after-death awareness, including a visit from an unnamed female temptress who is acting on the Senior Partners' behalf.

She pretends to be Fred, but Wesley is not fooled. The scene then shifts to Connor's situation; Kate Lockley arrives, armed to the teeth, and "rescues" Connor, taking him to her well-armed lair. In the present day, Betta George is still held captive by Gunn's lackeys, and it is shown that Gunn's vampires have been training against captive Slayers.

In the first section, Gwen is making out with a guy on the beach when Los Angeles is thrown into Hell. The change in scenery has caused the device regulating her power to stop working, causing her to accidentally electrocute her male companion.

After The Fall: The origins story

In the second section, a crazy guy is preaching about the end of the world when Los Angeles is sent to Hell. Finally, Gunn wakes up in a vampire's lair to discover he's been sired. Learning the vampires were ordered to turn him, he kills their leader and takes charge of the group.

After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got back up again)A READ ALOUD

Artist: Nick Runge. Angel and his friends defeat the Lords of L. Lorne becomes the new Lord of all Los Angeles, while Angel goes to back to the Hyperion Hotel to do what he does best: help people. Connor makes his feelings for Gwen known to Angel. Wesley takes Fred to his corpse, where she reverts to Illyria, who reveals that Fred is still within her. Angel has a comic book-esque dream where a superhero version of Spike is protecting the city while the mortal Angel is now an old man. Spike is left looking after Wesley.

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Angel, Connor, Gwen, Nina, and Illyria question a vampire over who killed the lord in 1. Illyria reveals to Connor, Gwen, and Nina that Angel is now human. Realizing that Illyria knew he was human through her ability to detect power, Angel tells Illyria to use her ability to search for the vampires "sitting on the power".

Gunn has Betta George attacked by slayers, and eventually, a desperate George uses his ability to mentally freeze them. Gunn then has George attempt to contact help outside of L. However, Betta George has also contacted Angel for help. Angel arrives, ready to attack, after Illyria detected Gunn's gang, "vampires atop a structure brimming with power". Angel is horrified, however, upon recognizing Gunn in their midst.


Angel sends Fred away with Nina on the dragon, while he attempts to rescue Gunn. As Angel discovers that Gunn is now a vampire and his own life is in peril, Connor, Spike, and Gwen return on the dragon to help with the rescue mission. Gunn reveals his visions to Angel, then uses a magical talisman to reverse the spells on Angel: his glamour and all the healing spells. Angel lies bleeding, broken, and dying as the cavalry arrives, only to be shocked by Gwen's apparent betrayal.

Connor and Spike confront Gwen on her betrayal. Germany was officially united as a single state on October 3, , a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Without the endorsement of Moscow, Warsaw and Paris, it would have been impossible for the West German leadership to give a final shape to the reunification of East and West Germany.

In the post-reunification period, France and Germany have emerged as pivotal states of European Union, as their unity has so far worked to keep EU together against all odds. The expansion of the EU, from 12 members in November to 27 in , has much to do with the reunification of Germany, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and Franco-German unity. Third, the euphoria which existed in Germany after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and reunification disappeared with the passage of time.

On June 30, , Herbert Knosowski from the Reuters news agency reported that Frauke Hildebrandt, a member of the centre-left Social Democratic Party of Germany SPD and professor of early childhood education at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, suggested that an employment quota should be introduced for the residents of East Germany. A study by the German Centre for Integration and Migration Research in April shows that more than 50 percent of East Germans polled said they backed the proposal.

In March this year, the SPD introduced a motion in the Bundestag German parliament calling for an East German quota, arguing that the German constitution mandates proportionate representation of civil servants from all states.

After The Fall (2)

It is often argued by the supporters of the reunification that a sense of deprivation in the former GDR is exaggerated, because German Chancellor Angela Merkel is from the former East Germany and the level of development in that part of the country in the last 30 years is unprecedented.

Even then, the AfD has been able to take advantage of the frustration and anger, particularly among the youth of the eastern part of Germany, to emerge as a major political force — taking In the areas of the former GDR, 87 percent of people are East German but they only fill 23 percent of high-level positions such as judges, generals, presidents of universities, CEOs and editors-in-chief among others.

Of some generals and admirals in the military, for example, only two are East German while there are no East German university presidents anywhere in the country. Reint E.

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But that was a mistake. The effects are transferred through generations and we still see it today. Although the quality of life in the GDR was quite low compared to their counterparts in the Federal Republic of Germany, the state was responsible for providing jobs, housing, health facilities and public transport to citizens of East Germany.

After the reunification, they lost all such facilities as state enterprises were replaced by a capitalistic economy. If the world has not significantly changed after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, at least Europe has been transformed with free connectivity, and minimum travel and trade restrictions. The Franco-German and German-Polish borders, hard to cross freely during the Cold War, are now a thing of the past as every year millions of people cross these borders without passing through security checkposts and stringent visa controls.

Even the sneaking in of more than one million migrants in Europe in the autumn and winter of has not led to the transformation of soft borders to hard ones. Populists and right-wing political parties and groups in Germany and other EU countries demanded the imposition of strict border controls in order to prevent further influx of migrants but, despite their demand, the EU borders are generally open. The fall of the Berlin Wall emerges as a source of inspiration for those who are living under severe restrictions that deprive them of basic freedom.

The unification of Jammu and Kashmir has been a long-standing demand of the beleaguered people of that unfortunate territory partitioned since August But the disappearance of the LoC that separates the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the connectivity of people from both sides is yet to be seen. Like the Germans, Kashmiris living on both sides of the LoC must decide their future and tear down the wall.

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I get all the responsibility because it happened under my watch: MBS on Khashoggi murder. India arrests woman who accused BJP leader of sexual assault. Foreign Office briefs P5 envoys about Indian propaganda against Pakistan.